Thursday, August 01, 2013
(Last modified: 2013-08-01 08:45:08)
Author: By Capt. Aaron Miller
Source: The Blowing Rocket

Even though special events in Blowing Rock last week attracted record numbers of people, everything seemed to run very smoothly.

The extra police officers assigned to the Tour of Homes and the Symphony by the Lake at Chetola reported high volumes of traffic, but no problems.

Thanks go out to the staff and volunteers who planned these events and worked very hard to keep things moving smoothly.

Thanks also go out to all of our residents and guests for your safe driving.

Even with special events, road construction and heavy traffic, last week marks the third consecutive week with no reportable traffic accidents within the town limits. Congratulations.

You may have noticed a familiar face downtown lately. Mike Barefoot, a recently retired employee of the Police Department, has returned as our seasonal parking enforcement officer.

Barefoot is out on foot during the week enforcing Blowing Rock’s parking ordinances. He says that the most common parking violations that he sees are:

• Overtime parking. Parking is restricted to three hours downtown, unless otherwise marked.

• Parking in handicap spaces without a handicap permit.

• Parking on the sidewalk.

• Occupying more than one space.

• Parking too far from the curb. Vehicles are required to be parked within 12 inches of the curb.

• Not parking in the same direction as the flow of traffic.

Rules and regulations for parking can be found online, within the Blowing Rock Town Code section at

Four citations were issued last week. The charges include no operator’s license, expired registration and speeding.

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