Friday, March 08, 2013
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Author: From Blowing Rock Historical Society
Source: The Blowing Rocket

Joe Clark, and the town fathers, who incorporated Blowing Rock on March 11, 1889, had an entirely different village than is seen today.

However, they obviously shared the same passions for beauty, community spirit and love of place that keep us all celebrating this ‘little piece of heaven’ today, according to the Blowing Rock Historical Society. 

The Historical Society, the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum and the town of Blowing Rock invite the citizenry to celebrate this special occasion at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, March 11, at the Town Hall.
Cake and punch will be served, and as an extra cause for celebration, historic marker plaques will be awarded for the fifth year to those structures and places that have left a significant imprint on the village.

To date, 18 plaques have been awarded to select properties that are examples of architectural style, are of significance for their historic legacy or have contributed in a unique manner to the town’s growth and development.

“The Marker Committee has spent many hours researching the importance of our beautifully preserved village, and has chosen four locations to be honored with the 2013 plaques,” said Marcia Quinn, chairwoman of this year’s project.

“We are excited to honor owners and stewards of these four sites as well, because without their earnest efforts, these places might not be here to be celebrated today and valued tomorrow,” she said.

The four plaques will be awarded to:

• The Blowing Rock Art and History Museum — 2011 (new construction)

• Inn at Ragged Gardens — 1896

• Blowing Rock Methodist Church —1901

• Blowing Rock Town Hall and Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce — 1900

If you want to feel young, chipper, lithe and appreciative, join these old-timers and some younger friends for the town of Blowing Rock’s 124th birthday. We’d be honored to have you there, according to the society.

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